Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera

Each time Samsung Galaxy S Series smartphone is launched, the market gets a staggering response across the world. Talking about the Samsung Galaxy S6, there are already rumors on internet about its Design, Specification, price and the release date.

samsung galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Being a Samsung Smartphone fan, i cannot stop wondering about S6 features, especially Camera. As far as the story is concerned, Galaxy S6 is expected to have 17 MegaPixel rear Camera and 10X Zoom. The 4 MegaPixel front-facing Camera for video-calling will enhance the night video-recording. It is expected to capture pictures upto 5 times better than any other Camera smartphones available around the market.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera : Full Specifications

  • 17 MP primary-camera with a LED flash.
  • A 4 MP front-camera with CMOS & BSI along with a 128 Giga Byte Storage & 4 Giga Byte RAM and Infrared Sensor.
  • A new addition will be the taking photos by blinking your eyes. This uses the front facing camera to track your eye movement and initiate the shutter button upon blinking.
  • The rear Camera is also expected to have an advanced optics ( OIS ) feature & it also render other phone displays obsolete with its full HD 6 inch  Plasma screen.
  • A 3500-5000 mAh battery Power can be used to  enhance the battery life of S6 and to support the camera too.
  • Though a longshot, there is a distant possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may sport a never-before-implemented Gigapixel Camera.
samsung galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S6 Look

Xenon flash makes the rear-Camera special that will surely help shoot at 17 Mega Pixel, while the front-Camera will help shoot at 4 Mega Pixel.

Samsung is also expected to include the Touch Wiz feature in this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Concept

These are only some features, with a company like Samsung we can expect more features as well. For live updates on Samsung Galaxy S6, subscribe to our news feeds, you can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


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