Samsung Galaxy S6 Benchmark Hokum

Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmark results came out to be fantastic, but later news revealed that the phone actually boosted the performance of its processor for benchmarks only, will Samsung Galaxy S6 benchmarks come out the same? Well this lies in the answer given by Samsung,

The phone actually runs at its peak performance for certain applications like Gallery, Video etc..

Samsung Galaxy S6 Benchmark

Samsung Galaxy S6 Benchmark

But the fact is that, the phone runs in peak for some application, when we need the same performance for Games as well.The Samsung Galaxy S6 benchmarks won’t make much of a fuss like this according to a new. All processor cores will be working in peak performance, giving as much as power to the device as possible. This goes to say that the Graphics will also be given a boost. For more performance in Games, the cores will work in peak mode while 1 or 2 cores will be utilized for normal performance. What this technology allows is to run the processor and graphics to maximum in all situations ranging from Games to Benchmarks. Samsung also assures that this will reduce the criticism over the fact that for benchmarks the processor changes it’s clock frequency.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Benchmark

Samsung Galaxy S6 Benchmark

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be having a different processor set, the speculated being a cortex-A 15 cluster in a hex core configuration clocked at 2.2GHz and Mali graphics, thus ensuring the Galaxy S6 benchmarks to reach maximum and give optimum performance. The main issue with Galaxy S6 Benchmark will be the battery, when all cores will be working maximum during heavy gaming, the battery will die out in a matter of hours and that’s not what you want.

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