Samsung Galaxy S6 : Bang For Your Buck

Money well spent is money well earned, this is the case for a Galaxy smartphone including the yet to be released Samsung Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S line up always surprised us with the price and feature it offers. Let’s take an example of the recently released Galaxy S4, although it was priced high initially, the price is slashed down, this is a smart move by Samsung. Not only Samsung is providing the best of their device to the users but also expanding their market. Samsung Galaxy S6 wouldn’t be any different either, loaded with feature set never seen before, powerful processor with new manufacturing technology, finger print scanning, new voice systems, new speakers, Android 6.0, Aluminium and carbon fibre body, some users will be astonished by the price tag of the device. As per the speculations, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be priced at $950 making this phone a money saver.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Bang For Your Buck

Samsung Galaxy S6 Bang For Your Buck

But don’t worry about this price, because after a while into the market entry, the price will cut down to accommodate another smartphone, perhaps the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung is currently leading the smartphone market because of such a strategic movement. Unlike other phones, like the iPhone and HTC, Samsung phones are priced a bit higher at first, but later on slashes the price which neither HTC nor Apple does. To compare, neither of them doesn’t even come close to the feature set of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or in this case, the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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