Samsung Galaxy S6 Additional Features

Features Of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung, the King of Smartphones is all set to break records in the mobile markets with its upcoming Smartphones in future including Samsung Galaxy S6. When Samsung entered the Smartphone market, it was a small fry but now the Korean Company is hitting hard to its rivals specially Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6


Speaking of the current generation Galaxy S4, what sets it apart from others is not only the processor but also the feature set loaded into it & Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t be any different either. As per our content on the Samsung Galaxy S6 feature which was written beautifully by our futuristic expert that shows us the Galaxy S6 features, we would like to tell you some additional features of Galaxy S6.

  1. We have a confirmed news of Samsung working on finger print scanning technology and folks it’s coming really soon to the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  2. Another additional feature would be Galaxy S6 ability to control any number of Wi-Fi enabled-printers.
  3. The novelty feature in the Galaxy S6 is speculated to be a completely waterproof, hydrophobic body.
  4. Improved Air gestures is another major feature set to control this  Smartphone.
  5. This smartphone is featured to have a Exynos 5 hexa core processor with a 6 core ARM-Mali T628 besides a 4GB RAM.
  6. Color Depth is expected to be 32M.
  7. The Operating system of Galaxy S6 is expected to have : Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie or Samsung Tizen OS or may be Android 6.0 Milkshake.
  8. A new addition will be the taking photos by blinking your eyes. This uses the front facing camera to track your eye movement and initiate the shutter button upon blinking.
  9. A 3500-5000 mAh battery Power can be used to  enhance the battery life of S6 and to support the camera too.
  10. A 4 MP front-camera with CMOS & BSI along with a 128 Giga Byte Storage & 4 Giga Byte RAM and Infrared Sensor.
  11. 17 MP primary-camera with a LED flash or Xenon flash.


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

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More features are –

  • Display Size – 4.5′
  • Chip – Exynos 5 Hexa core-processor with 6 core ARM-Mali-T628
  • Display – OLED-display
  • Weight to be around 160-170 grams.
  • Color -Whenever Galaxy S6 is released, we can expect it to be in 5 colors at-least, which are white frost, pure black, titanium grey, dark blue and reddish pink.
  • The rumored dimensions of the S6 are: 152.4 x 70.1 x 6.9 mm , which means it could be about 20 mm larger in length, and about 1 mm slimmer in width as compared to the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Bookmark this page as we will be updating more Galaxy S6 features leading up-to its launch date !


Samsung Galaxy S6 Patent Body

Samsung Galaxy S6 Patent Body


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