Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Specs and Preview

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Preview

The rumored Galaxy S6 Active  from Samsung will be a futuristic phone in every sense. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is likely to succeed the Galaxy S6 when it releases sometime in summer 2015. For extensive release date rumors of the Galaxy S6 see here.

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Galaxy S6 Active: Should be water resistant

Although there is no word of confirmation from Samsung on the Galaxy S6 Active(or for the Galaxy S6 for that matter), it is a distant reality and we are pretty sure that it will release sometime in the near future, with a late 2015 release to the general public. And here are some of the rumored specs that the Galaxy S6 Active will have:

The Galaxy S6 Active is expectedly going to be a rugged and tough phone, with its exterior constructed from Army-grade material such as Kevlar, and should also pack in a waterproof feature upto 2 bar pressure. It should run on either a quad-core or octacore processor clocked at approx 2GHz.  To protect the internal hardware components from water,dust and other particles, the S6 active should have waterproof coverings for the headphone jack,charging port etc.

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The Galaxy S6 Active should uphold Samsung’s name in the market

Samsung will have to put a competitive price tag to the Galaxy S6 Active to secure its market stronghold even more, and it is expected that the Galaxy S6 Active will retail at around $700.

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