Samsung Galaxy S5 : Everything You Must Know | S6 Compared

Samsung Galaxy S5 : Everything You Must Know | S6 Compared

Samsung Galaxy S4 has now become old, the Galaxy Note 3 is now officially launched and released. Now the Samsung is preparing its next smartphone that is Galaxy S5. This time the Korean company has promised to its customers that the Galaxy 5th generation will have new features & high-end specifications.

Recently rumors were there in the mobile market that , Samsung galaxy s5 will  have metallic body instead of the plastic one. Now more interesting rumors are in market that Galaxy s5 will come up with a 64-bit system on chip.

flexible oled screen

Samsung S5

There has been recent speculations that the Samsung next flagship will have a 16 MP front camera, 3 GB of RAM. As we have already said that these are the rumors,but we are sure of one thing that this Korean company will follow the annual-release trend. This means that each new release is equipped with a better hardware and software than its predecessors.

In this article we will try to cover each and every minute detail about the new Galaxy S5 this includes smartphone specifications, features and the estimate release date.

Samsung Galaxy S5 News:

Samsung has been trying hard to keep itself with the Apple, recently Apple unveiled  that  its new iPhone 5S will have a 64 bit Chip. Now the Samsung has also confirmed that the its next flagship will have a 64 bit chip.In an interview given by Shin Jong-Kyun (Samsung’s CEO of Mobile) to korean times, Shin Jong-Kyun said that “Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality”.

So it is clear that this Korean company was inspired by the Apple’s 64 bit chip concept, but Samsung denied that teir next flagship will have fingerprint sensors, like the iPhone 5S.

Samsung S5 Touchscreen

Samsung S5Touchscreen

As mentioned earlier that there has been lots of rumors that Samsung next flagship will have metallic body. Many Korean news outlets has reveled that Samsung next generation smartphone will have metallic body(specially the Aluminium metal as it is lighter). With this new step this Korean company will try to keep itself with the high end smartphone makers like – Apple and HTC.

Other suggested features says that the Galaxy 5th generation smartphone will have a 16- MP camera that will offer high quality images then any other competitors smartphone, except the Nokia Lumia 1020’s 41 MP camera. Report said that beside upgrading the Galaxy S5 camera sensors, Samsung S5 will also have a feature of  optical- image stabilization. This new concept will improve the picture quality even at the maximum zoom size.

It is also suggested that the new Galaxy s5 will  have  3 GB of RAM, just like the current Galaxy note 3.In a latest news Samsung revealed that it has started mass production of first-low power 3 GB DDR3 RAM for the mobile devices.

Considering that Galaxy S5 will be the Samsung next flagship , we can assume that Galaxy S5 will  be released with 3 Gb RAM. This new 3 GB of RAM will make the smartphone much more faster and will ultimately increase the multi-tasking capabilities of the new phone.A Samsung spokesperson recently said that :“Samsung’s new ultra slim memory solutions will enable thinner smartphone designs and allow for additional battery space, while offering a data transfer speed of up to 2,133 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin“.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors:

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched with a cheap plastic body, which was criticized by the critics as well as customer. If we compare the HTC one’s or the iPhone 5  with the Galaxy S5 then we will come to know that Galaxy s5 doesn’t give  a luxurious  device appearance as compared to the other two. This time it is rumored that Samsung new flagship that is Galaxy S5 will have a metal body. In fact it is said that that Samsung S5 will be the first metal phone which will be manufactured by the Samsung.

Metalic Samsung Galaxy S5

Metalic Samsung Galaxy S5


Other rumors in the mobile market says that Samsung will launch a new ‘ Design 3.0’ .There is no description on design 3.0 on the web , but according to us Design 3.0 means the new design which Samsung will bring in its new smartphones that is metal body concept. In metal , specially the Aluminium metal will be preferred ,  as it is lighter and  has a good durability.

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released with impressive specs (such as a Full High Definition Super AMOLED screen with 441 pixels per inch, a powerful quad core CPU etc.) and everyone expects Samsung to continue innovating when it comes to mobile hardware, with the next Galaxy S. There is not much known about Samsung Galaxy S5′s specs, but we do have rumors and a few components have been teased.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Patent Body

Samsung Galaxy S5 Patent Body

Samsung S4 was launched with very impressive specifications like the- super AMOLED screen with 441 pixels per inch, a powerful quad-core processor. Now every one of us is expecting that Samsung will bring something new and unique in its new flagship.

According to the rumors Galaxy S5 will have-

  • 5.5 inch SUPER AMOLED HD, 2560x1600500PPI Pixel Density TouchWiz UI 6.0, Floating Widgets
  • 16 Megapixel, 4/3 inch Sensor, 18.5mmx13.5mm. Loseless zoom ,Optical Image Stabilization
  • 3800mAh battery
  • 32GB Internal Memory, Expandable upto 128GB via  SD Card

Samsung Galaxy S5  release date:

Like the Apple , Samsung too releases  its product on annual cycle basis. The pattern is very obvious like the Samsung S2 was released two years ago, on  1st May 2011 . The Samsung S3 was released a year ago that is on May 2012. Recently S4 was launched on 14th March.

So according to this pattern Samsung S5 will be launched in May or April 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5 price:

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 : Pricing worldwide

It is too early to judge the price of Galaxy S5 as the phone is not officially announced by the Samsung, but one thing is sure that Samsung S5 will cost almost 1.5X than the Galaxy S4. This increase in price is due to the reason that Galaxy S5 will have metal body which will ultimately increase the production costy of S5 and will finally increse its price.

According to us Samsung S5 will cost you around Rs- 35000 .

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