Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S6 – Two Strong Opponents!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S6 – Two Strong Opponents!

While one is the best phablet in the market, other has created huge buzz in the smartphone era. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 are going to be two major innovations coming in the year 2015 (most probably), and the most interesting fact here is that they are proving to be tough opponents of each other.

Last night, a subscriber of our blog mailed us, asking about whether to buy Note 3 or wait for Galaxy S5. These kinds of questions keep coming up on tech blogs in form of comments, emails and queries. And it often becomes tough to answer. If we only talk about galaxy s6 and galaxy note 4 here, they are going to be jam-packed with the latest technologies like super fast processor (surpassing the Apple iPhones finally), superior talking abilities and will become the best buddies of human beings. While one is a smartphone everyone is looking forward to, other is a phablet which can perform multiple tasks like calling, entertainment and video calling to just name a few features.

Galaxy S6 VS Note 4

Galaxy S6 VS Note 4

Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored to have a 5.4 inches screen which is approximately the same size as an average phablet in the market. Steve Jobs once said “3.5 inches is the best size for a smartphone, since one has to keep it only for one-hand use”. But since then, the definitions of best size has been changed a number of times, and the present sizes are just a glimpse of what we could have in future.

Galaxy Note 4 may go well over 6 inches in size and if this happens, there are many more devices like laptops, who are going to fight for their existence. The internet boom is coming all over the world and with it; the latest gadgets are getting new shapes.

Samsung has reached a point where one small step in innovative directions gets them a number of buyers and if they keep going with the present rate of momentum, the time is not far when even Apple will think of it as a serious contender (which according to many doesn’t consider it one till now). talks about Samsung Galaxy Note 4, its release date, specs & features. Visit the enthralling blog today.

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