Samsung Galaxy F | Aka Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy F | aka Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S series has been a huge success and that may be the reason why Samsung’s shifting their focus on Galaxy F series now. As per the rumors, Samsung is currently working on Galaxy S5, the next line of Galaxy S smartphone, after which Samsung will work on Galaxy F. For us though, it’s the Galaxy S6.

Speaking about the new Galaxy F, we expect all the premium goodies topped of with the highest end of hardware you can find. The whole plasticky, faux leather finish will give way to all aluminium construction with bezeless display and edges measuring upto 2mm thickness. The rear of the device will be coated with a Kevlar to give it a grip. Taking matters to hardware and display, the device will house a 24.2 Megapixel camera with 4/3” sensor taking the phone more closer to a micro four thirds camera. Samsung has shown us their capability in terms of RAM and Processor and we expect that the Galaxy F would come with a hex core or octa core processor with 64bit architecture written on ARM V8 and backed up by 4GB of DDR3 RAM. Display is where all the expectations change, let us take you back to the Nexus phone by Samsung, it had a curved display so do the Galaxy F. It will be the first in line of Galaxy Smartphones to have a curved display protected by Gorilla Glass.

Samsung Galaxy F

Samsung Galaxy F

Weather these days isn’t a good friend of us human beings, it can turn for the worse in a matter of minutes and if you don’t have a phone to withstand some of it, then you are doomed. Well Galaxy F will be weather proof, meaning it can withstand rain, dust and some snow. But make sure not to put it in your freezer. In short, the Galaxy F will be a smartphone a user would think of as per the situation. After the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy F will be the name for the next high end smartphone to dominate the market.

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