Galaxy S6: Competition Time

Samsung Galaxy S6 Competition

Samsung has always felt the heat while competing to make an impression in the market, but has somehow found its way through courtesy some of its remarkable features whether it be screen, RAM, internal storage, battery etc.

There has been no shortage of rivalry between Samsung and other mobile carriers. Each time Samsung has tried to get the better of others by bombarding in one of its smartphones, other carriers have grabbed the opportunity with both hands to face the challenge put up to them.





Even when Samsung came up with Galaxy S3, to challenge it came in mighty Iphone 5, Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC One X+.

Now when Samsung has come up with S4, coming it to show it down are HTC Myst, Sony Xperia 670X, Optimus G2 and Nokia Lumia 521 & 910 later this year.

Samsung has always being among the favourites, sometimes coming out on top while sometimes having to face defeat.

So we can say it undoubtedly that if and whenever Galaxy S6 is released by Samsung, many mobile carriers like Apple, HTC, Nokia etc. would be ready to throw in their dice as well.


samsung vs others

samsung vs others


Having seen the side of coming second once, Samsung would like to set the standards this time around with mind boggling specifications like 4-6 GB RAM, improved camera quality (rear: 17MP), increased internal storage, Hexa-core processor, wireless charging, a metallic body and to go with all this, a new interface i.e Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

With Samsung all ready to buzz in, it is highly unlikely that others would leave any stone unturned but it seems Samsung is ready to crush others and not to be crushed by competition thrown to it by them.

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