S5 Mini vs S6 Mini

Before getting in detail about differences between the 2 young guns of future, we would like you to know that S5 Mini is likely to be released by mid-august 2014 and S6 Mini by august 2015.


s5 mini vs s6 mini

s5 mini vs s6 mini


Both S5 Mini and S6 Mini are ought to be the smaller replication of their bigger counterparts.

Since we would never like to guide you wrong by providing false information, so we are mentioning only those differences which we are pretty much sure of.

s6 mini vs s5 mini

s6 mini vs s5 mini


Subject S5 Mini S6 Mini
Camera 10 MP 12 MP with 4K capabilities
RAM 2 GB 2GB to 4GB (expected)
Android 4.2.2 Jellybean (same as that of S4 Mini) Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie (same as that of S6)
Price (Expected) 35K 37K


*Note: According to on-going rumours Samsung might skip directly to release of S6.

For more information regarding the specifications, price updation, features and exact release date, stay tuned and subscribe to our blog.

However for detailed study about S6 you may see S6 specifications.

* Subject to change..!!

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