Reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6

Reasons to buy  Samsung Galaxy S6 :

There has been a big surge in the amount of searches regarding the Samsung Galaxy SVI (or S6) on the internet, and rightly so, since the Galaxy S6 is expected to be a revolutionary smartphone in every sense of the term. As a result, we sense that you, the consumer, will not need any specific reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6, since the Galaxy brand has been quite successful around the world, with the bestselling Galaxy S2(SII), Samsung Galaxy S3 and the recent Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Bang For Your Buck

Samsung Galaxy S6 : Shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket

The much rumored and speculated Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to have a wide array of never-before-seen features, which are guaranteed to blow you away. These features,coupled with some other factors should be good enough reasons for you to give the Galaxy S6 a good chance.

Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 :


1. Waterproof body :

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored to have a rugged waterproof body to ensure protection from water splashes, swimming pool dives and more.

2. Competitive Pricing :

Although it is still a rumored phone, the Samsung Galaxy S6, considering its amazing features, is expected to be sold at a competitive price point, ie, being priced at around the same as the Apple iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, HTC One Max and others.

Super Smartphone

Galaxy S6 to come with atleast Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

3. Future-proof phone:

If and when the Galaxy S6 is released to the general public, rest assured that if you purchase this handset, you would not feel the need to change to another one. This could be attributed to its path-breaking (yet rumored) features, which sets it apart of the competition, such as 5G technology, HD OLED screen etc.

4. It’s Samsung at its best! –

The Galaxy S6 should be testament to Samsung’s pragmatic philosophy of incorporating new, innovative features in its smartphone lineup, for making the users’ lives easier. The gigantic brand that  Samsung is today, should be reason enough for the customers to buy Galaxy S6(yet-to-be-announced).

5. Latest Android OS-

As seen in the current market trends, Android is the fastest growing OS, which can be attributed to its ease of use, customizable screens,etc. Since the Samsung-Android partnership is well known, we can easily expect that the Samsung Galaxy S6 would come equipped with the latest Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, or any other subsequent version.

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