Pros And Cons Of Samsung S VI

Pros And Cons Of Samsung Galaxy S6

Everything in this world is like a coin, having two sides. One side of it might be good for you while the other might not and a smart-phone is no exception.

After going through detailed specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 you may notice the following pros and cons.


pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S6

pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S6

Pros Of Samsung Galaxy S6

  • METTALIC EXTERIOR: Unlike its previous devices, Samsung S6 is expected to be a part of “Design-3” strategy and have an aluminium body or a Carbon Fibre (high durability) i.e very much like the expected design of Samsung S5.
  • CAMERA:  It is expected to have a 2MP in front for video calling, to go with 16MP rear camera. It also includes features like OIS(Optical Image Stabilisation) and loss less zoom (6x) capabilities.
  • DISPLAY:  Expected to run on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, it is likely to have a 5inch and 1080p AMOLED screen (end to end) taking your smartphone experience to an all new height.
  • INTERNAL STORAGE: It is expected to have 64 GB internal storage memory along with twin micro-SD card slots.
  • LOW SAR RATING: It is likely to range between 0.45 to 0.60 W/kg.
  • OTHERS: Apart from highly attractive specifications, it will also add glamor to one’s personality. Moreover, a water and dust resistant body is expected, overcoming the current issue of touchscreen which is rendered useless upon getting wet. Wireless charging is also expected.


Galaxy S6 Design

Samsung Galaxy S6

Cons Of Samsung Galaxy S6

  • We may expect it to have non-removable battery due to aluminum body.
  • HIGH COST: It may leave your pockets empty.
  • Expected to have no headphone jack.
  • High on weight.


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