Nokia Bandit aka Lumia 1520: Will it stand against the Galaxy S6?

The Nokia Bandit phablet is being highly rumored across the internet,and recently several concept images have come into the public domain. The Bandit phablet by Nokia, recently acquired by Microsoft, is supposedly the next in line to release after the Nokia Lumia 925, and may also be known as the Nokia Lumia 1520.

Nokia Bandit concept image

Nokia Bandit concept image

The Bandit from Nokia is expected to be have a 6 inch screen full HD display(1080p), and run on a quad core Snapdragon processor. A concept image shows that the Nokia Bandit may have upto six live tiles in its Windows Phone interface, which is higher than those in its previous devices,such as the Lumia 925 or Lumia 1020.

But our concern is if it will match up to the hype created by the equally rumored Samsung Galaxy S6. So here it goes.

  • The Galaxy S6 could sport a full HD 5.5 ” OLED  screen, as compared to the 6″ on the Nokia Bandit. So on the screen front, we expect that the Galaxy S6 will take the cake.
  • The Nokia Bandit phablet will most definitely run on Windows Phone, but which version, that is to be seen, whereas the Galaxy S6 should run on Android 4.4 , recently named by Google as KitKat.
  • The Bandit will expectedly have high quality optics as seen in the Lumia 925 or 1020, supported by Carl Zeiss optics, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S6 could have a 17MP camera. The camera quality in both these devices should be equally detailed and gorgeous.
  • The Nokia Bandit could be serviced by AT&T and released as soon as November this year, whereas the Galaxy S6 is rumored to be released to general public sometime in summer 2015 on all major service providers(Verizon,Sprint,AT&T etc.)
lumia 625

Will Nokia pose a threat to Samsung?

No definite conclusion can be made on which is better-the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Nokia Bandit , since preferences of every user are different,and the decision to buy a specific phone ultimately boils down to which OS you prefer, pricing and other such factors. But still its is to be seen whether Nokia can pose a challenge to Samsung with its latest phablet, and whether it can regain its glory days under the guidance of Microsoft at its helm.

For more details on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other related news, watch this space.

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