Mystery concept of Samsung Galaxy S6

Mystery concept of Samsung Galaxy S6

The internet is flooded with speculation about the rumored Galaxy S6 concept, about how it will look, what its specs will be etc. Though Samsung has not put in any word of confirmation for its latest flagship smartphone after the Galaxy S4, it is highly likely that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be next in line, due to a rumored marketing strategy change.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Another Galaxy S6 concept image by

Our expert designers at have come up with several innovative and interesting Galaxy S6 concept images, which can be seen here, and they have also come up with an awesome poster of a concept Galaxy S6 smartphone, which you may check out here. These are just some of the Galaxy S6 concept information, which will be expanded as more and more info is gathered by us.

Galaxy S6 concept image, by

Galaxy S6 concept image, by

The conceptual Galaxy S6 is rumored to have various never-seen-before features like Full HD OLED display, waterproof  and shockproof body, hexacore processor among others. Several other features of the Galaxy S6 concept are shrouded in mystery, as we have no confirmation whether the next smartphone Samsung will launch will be the S6 or the Galaxy S5(although we are inclined towards an early S6 release).

One can say that the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 will be an amazing product;an awesome combination of performance, aesthetics, and some raw power. Since nothing is confirmed on this issue, it is still covered in mystery, and thus we can only speculate as to what the future Samsung venture holds for us.

We are pleasantly surprised at the positive response to our concept images around the internet, and are quite confident that the future will reveal even more on the topic of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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