How to keep text messages on iPhone private

We often hear about how the iPhones of celebrities are hacked and vital pieces of information are taken away from their phones without their knowledge. Did you think that it could not happen to you? Despite all the fanfare and the huge success that the iPhone has garnered in the past, the operating system has become fairly susceptible thanks to the huge amounts of hacker attention that it has received. Hence, it should be known that your text messages, multimedia messages or even the iMessages are never safe.

Even if you regularly delete stuff from your iPhone, it doesn’t really make it ‘safe’ because it is always accessible by those who have the right knowledge and tools. With the recent reports that were revealed by Edward Snowden, it became clear that the mobile phones of people are being tapped in to by the NSA, and it should also be known that the data on these phones can be viewed quite easily by a dedicated hacker who has the right tools.

More often than not, our mobile phones contain personal and discreet messages that we do not really want to share with anybody else. You might have shared romantic moments with another person that you wish to hide, you might have sent personal pictures over a multimedia message to a person, and there are numerous other possibilities. So, the question is, what can you do in order to make sure that the data on your phone remains as safe as possible? Well, there are a few tips.

First of all, remember that merely removing the email messages from your cell phone does not ensure that they are deleted forever. If you are selling off your phone to another person, it is important that you use a proper tool in order to permanently erase all messages once and for all. There are a number of different tools available in the market that you can choose from, though not all of these will guarantee the best results.

The Wondershare Safe Eraser however, is one of the most reliable tools right now and has been able to satisfy thousands of customers all over the globe. The Wondershare Safe Eraser is capable of deleting messages, pictures, emails and all sorts of data from your iPhone directly, making it impossible to recover. Usually, the data is written on the hard drive of the iPhone, and until new data is overwritten after deletion, that previous data is still recoverable. However, the Wondershare Safe Eraser makes sure that the data is completely deleted directly from the hard drive of your phone, making it impossible to recover!



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