Apple iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S6

The most awaited phone that Apple will launch after the Samsung Galaxy s6 would probably will be iPhone 6S. If Apple comes out with this phone it will definitely look forward competing against the Samsung Galaxy S6(TBA) and Samsung Galaxy S7 (TBA) . Looking at the scenario what comes into our mind is that both phones will give a tough competition to each other .As per what Apple will tend to do is to make a quality product making sure everything is right including the maps that actually were not working perfectly as they were supposed to .Apple being a software giant will take every step making sure that it competes and it competes well. So lets start how iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6  will differ from each other:


As per what we believe the both the phone will have larger screen as compared to their predecessors.But what I think that Apple iPhone 6S will have a smaller screen as compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 ,which would initially benefit Apple because phone with larger  screen are good but awkward when you hold them near your ear when you have to talk . This will also benefit Apple because phones with bigger screen are generally difficult to carry .The other thing that would favor Apple screen is its pixel density in which Apple make ace or may not .

In short for screen Apple iPhone 6S would win .

iphone 6s vs samsung s6

iphone 6s vs samsung s6

Operating System

The next they might differ is in the Operating System they work upon .It is sure that Apple would work upon the iOS series OS but it’s still a doubt whether S6 will use Android as the rumors says or S6 might end up using some operating system developed by Samsung or it may end up using Firefox if it becomes better than Android.


apple iphone 6S vs Samsung galaxy s6

apple iphone 6S vs Samsung galaxy s6


Samsung Galaxy S6 will use Exynos series  Octa processor  and Apple  may switch to a quad core A series processor. Even though a 10 core processor is also possible by that time we hope we might see it in Samsung Galaxy S7.



Storage : for some people it’s the most important criteria  that how much storage capacity a phone has ,but trust me both the phone will have almost the same inbuilt memory capacity which can be increased at the same time. So I don’t think it’s a criteria to differ them.

Apple iPhone 6 concept image

Apple iPhone 6 concept image



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