iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S : A Step Forward, like the Galaxy S6

Apple recently revealed the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, two new iPhones. One falls in a more cheaper category while the other is not so cheap. The iPhone 5C is the cheapest of the iPhones we have seen till now with a 1GB 2 year contract for $99. The cheapness comes in terms of build quality and specs. The iPhone 5C is unapologetically plastic. The whole phone feels solid enough, but the iPhone 5 like solid, it’s more or less Samsung and Nokia like solid.

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

Taking matters to the spec side, we can see some changes here and there and some innovations as well. For most part, it’s more or less like an iPhone 5, we have the same display 1136×640 at 326ppi, the same Apple A6 chipset with a dual core processor clocked at 1.6GHz and the same 1GB RAM. We have a new camera module with the same 8 megapixel sensor, 1/3.2” sensor size. Which is a step forward in terms of camera hardware. Not only you will be getting sharper images, but also better quality images in night time as well. For the software part, we have iOS 7 which is a clean and simplified version of the iOS, and a huge step forward from the previous iterations. iOS has been completely revamped, but the experienced is not Android like, but it’s still better and buttery smooth. We have five colors for the iPhone 5c, White, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green. With these color options Apple is trying to catch some attention and who would reject a $99 phone with 2 year contract?

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S_1

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S_1

The iPhone 5S is pretty much the same, but there are some innovations that make this phone standout in the crowd. Instead of writing the same specs again and again, let us be clear that it looks and feels like the iPhone 5, tough in build and nothing like the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S has 3 color options to choose from. iPhone 5S is the first 64bit smartphone in the world. The A7 chip powering the phone gives it nearly 50% boost from the previous iPhone 5. The processor is still a dual core, clocked at 1.7 GHz but it’s quite fast and responsive coupled with the iOS 7. It’s also backward compatible with older versions of iOS and it’s apps and the biggest innovation being the Touch ID. The home button is now hardwired to read fingerprints for maximum security of the phone. The camera like the iPhone 5c is now improved with a bigger sensor and bigger pixel size.

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S_2

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S_2

Both the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are good phones, and a step forward by Apple. The looks and feel may be the same, from the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C is a much cheaper option and is aimed at the low level or those who likes their phone in pretty colors. Apple has also released some funky covers for the iPhone 5C to make it stand out. The 64 bit architecture of iPhone 5S may be a great innovation for the time being, but their rival, Samsung has just announced that they will be coming with 64 bit architecture smartphones. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S have to cut through tough competitions from Samsung, HTC and Nokia to regain their leadership in the market.

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