How to take Panorama Photos with your iDevice

With the introduction of iOS 6 some months ago and the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple has added some new functions to the iDevices. One App that has been lagging behind the competition is the Camera App, which didn’t allow you to take panoramic photos until iOS 6. So, here’s a quick guide to take panorama photos if you’ve updated your iPod, iPad or iPhone to iOS 6.0 or 6.1 recently.

But before, let me make clear that panorama photos were available on your Apple devices with 3rd party Apps. It’s just a nice thing to see Apple integrate it on the native camera App.

On the other corner, however, Android has updated their Jellybean OS to support native panorama photos and a new photo sphere function to take 360 photos with your Android device. Again, this was possible with 3rd party Apps but it’s nice to see it integrated on the OS.

Step 1: Launch the Camera App

Of course, you now need to launch your trusty camera app and go to the settings menu on the upper side. When you open it, you’ll see the usual Grid and HDR options available, but there’s a new button called “Panorama”. Click on it.

How to take Panorama Photos

Tap the panorama button on the Camera Menu

Step 2: Enable Panorama Mode

Once you’ve entered into panorama mode, a slider will appear on your screen. You’ll need to put your phone on portrait – not landscape – mode in order to use panorama.

After that, press start and the slider will appear with the following message: “Move iPhone continuously when taking a panorama”.

panorama slider

That’s the slider that’s going to guide to through your panorama photo. Follow it!

So what you need to do is start moving the iPhone or iPod to the right and make sure the white arrow stays as centered as possible following the white line. It can be difficult the first time, but the more you use it, the more you’ll get used to take panorama photos.

Once the photo get’s done, your device will process it and the output will be a beautiful, stunning, 25 megapixel photo. That is 10,800 x 2332 pixels in just one photo. if you put that into a monitor you’d need around 4 Apple 27″ monitors to cover it. Simply amazing.

Here’s an example I shot at the roof of my house:

take panorama

Panorama Bonus Tips:

While the panorama app per se isn’t a revolutionary feature, there are some tips that you can use to enhance your experience. Here are some tips I’ve been working at while using it:

Take Vertical Photos: Yes. Even if the new panorama feature is made to be used horizontally, you can create some great shots using your imagination and creating vertical panoramas.

Use it on a car: Sometimes moving the device to get the panorama shot is difficult without a tripod. Well, if you’re on a car or a bus, you can take the panorama photo without moving yourself. Just start the app and wait until the car does the work for you.

Use a tripod: This is another way to get the panoramic photo done well. No need to say more.

Stay away from near objects: Panoramic shots and even 360 sphere photos suffer from the same problem. the have problems creating the photo with nearby objects. So stay away from them.

Don’t shot moving objects: Unless you want to create a ghost in your panorama photo, moving objects like persons or cars will ruin your photo.

Shot the same subject on different positions: Shot the guy at the start of the panorama photo and then make him move to the end while taking another part. It will appear as a double subject on the same photo. Or even more!

Your imagination is your limit!

It is in fact. You can do as many things with the panorama mode as your brain allows you. Got more tips for the panorama mode? Make sure to share them with us and I’ll add them to the list. The guys at Apple Insider found a very interesting way to use the panoramic mode to get vertical shots.

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