How to Backup your Android Settings & Apps on the Cloud

Back to the early days of the cellular phones and smartphones, the only thing you really needed to backup was you contacts information. This could be done either by copying them on a SIM card or with any 3rd party software provided by the manufacturer.

However, nowadays smartphones are getting more and more evolved and with the advantage of having the same OS and cloud services, backing up your smartphone data is a must. Here’s how to backup your Android Smartphone / Tablet Settings and Apps.

Step 1: Go to your settings Menu

You can do this either by pressing your menu button or by going to the Apps drawer and opening the Settings Menu. Once you’ve opened it, it should me something similar to this – albeit yours could have a different GUI. Look for the “Backup & Reset” Menu and tap it.

Backup android settings apps setup

Go to your Android settings menu

Step 2: Setup your account and backup

Once you’re inside the “Backup & Reset” menu, you’ll see some options you need to setup. By default, if you’re logged in with your Google Account it will take your GMail by default. If not, make sure you add an account. Otherwise it won’t work.

After that, select the “Backup my data” option and enable it. You can also enable the “Automatic Restore” option so that you can restore all your settings and Apps right after a factory reset or Android upgrade.

Backup android settings apps menu

Make sure to setup a Google Account when using your Android device or do it now!

Give Google some time before trying to restore or reset your tablet, or you might lose your data. This function allows you Backup and Restore the following:

  1. User Accounts;
  2. Apps that you had installed already (the ones you uninstalled will be available through the Google Play Store;
  3. You settings like Screen, accounts, email configurations and even Wi Fi networks;
  4. Anything you had in the cloud like documents or anything else.


If you’re looking forward to make the whole OS image of your Android device, you’ll need to do some extra things. The easier way to do it is rooting your device and installing the ClockworkMod App, which allows you to do the whole OS image and back it up on your SD card or phone’s internal memory. I’ll cover that in another article later.

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