HD Projector Feature In Galaxy S6 ?

HD Projector Feature In Galaxy S6

Just forget HDMI ready-devices, Samsung has already started working on High Definition Projector in Galaxy S6. Samsung, in its earlier Smartphone ” Samsung Galaxy Beam  ” has already had a HD projector and definitely-belongs to this category, as it includes a | built in Texas-Instruments DLP pico-projector.

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HD Projector In Smartphone

HD Projector In Galaxy Beam Smartphone

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According to the sources, the Galaxy S 6 Smartphone faces a lofty-challenge – : While the High Definition-projector could be very useful for the audience with a PowerPoint crowd, but the Smartphone itself tends to falls on the lower-end of its mid range & this is not nice enough to do a powerful business with users much-good otherwise.

As told, the HD projector is a 15 lumen DLP-nHD 640 x 360 pico-projector that is built-in directly on the upper-half of the Smartphone. The primary idea behind this stream is to project the movies & images upto 50-inches in display size and try to maintain a level of its clarity for upto 6 feet-away from the ceiling or a wall that you are projecting it-onto.

This is not Samsung’s first-time to the HD projector phone-rodeo, but it is their best-effort we have seen so- far.

HD Projector in Galaxy S6 ?

HD Projector in Galaxy S6 ?

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