Is There Going to be a Samsung Galaxy S6 ?

 Is There Going to be a Samsung Galaxy S6 ?

Its been almost a week for the viewers waiting for our content ,and we are thankful to all the users who have mailed us to write more on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6.

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The majority of the question were on “Whether Samsung will Launch S6 or not ?” . Well to say honestly this is a fan based site and we are in no way related to Samsung ,but since we are also Samsung’s Galaxy fans and we love the way they introduce new features in their phones, S6 might be  an upcoming possibility .Recently Samsung had launched the Note 3 with some amazing features and awesome display. In comparison to that even LG launched its G2 which has defeated the Samsung Galaxy S4 and has held the No. 2 spot in the top ten android phone in 2013 just after HTC ONE .

The possible thing that Samsung can do ,to come above it is to launch new phone ,since the Galaxy Phones are much more popular, the next might be the S5 and then after that may be the S6. Since the S5 and S6 are both being rumored ,there are some site that claims the rumors of Samsung Galaxy S7.

At present Samsung is leading the mobile market followed by Apple , so  in order to maintain its position on top it is not only necessary but mandatory for Samsung to come up with new phone in market . It is also possible for Samsung to come up with its brand new Omnia Series that runs on windows platform to compete with the Nokia in the windows market. It may also come up with phones having Tizen OS for a tougher competition .

So in short May be

There is going to be Samsung Galaxy S6 possibly  by 2015 .


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