Galaxy SVI price in Europe

Galaxy SVI price in Europe

Though there is no official announcement about the launch of S6 but according to our sources,Samsung is all set to launch its  Galaxy S6. It has been rumored that this new Galaxy series phone will be in the mobile market by the year 2015.

Europe is a large continent, which have  large no of  Samsung smartphones users. So Europe is considered as a bigger market from the Samsung smartphone selling point of view.   The main question which rises is “What will be the price of Galaxy SVI in  Europe?”

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6


Lets recall the  previous Samsung galaxy smartphone that is Galaxy S4 , This smartphone was  priced around 699 UK pounds.But the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will have much higher price. This is due to the reason that new Galaxy S6 will have metal or fiber body.

Samsung has decided to use the metal or fiber body for its S6 , because metal or fiber body provides great safety as compared to the plastic one . Using of metal makes a mobile more rough and tough.

But one should not forget that using of metal or fiber body will also increase the development cost of the new Galaxy S6 smartphone which will ultimately effect the cost of Galaxy S6. So setting a appropriate price for Galaxy S6  is a big challenge for the Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S6 price

Samsung Galaxy S6 price

It has been rumored that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a price of around 800$ or 513 GBP (approx) in Europe.

There is no official announced about the price of the Galaxy S6 as Galaxy S6 is yet to be launched. So we have to wait till the year 2015 for the Galaxy S6 to be launched.

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