Galaxy Skin : Flexible AMOLED Display On Galaxy S6

Galaxy Skin is a concept and future of Android, and who else could bring such a feature to life other than Samsung? The Galaxy Skin is not just a phone, it’s a phone redefined, it bends, twists, folds, it will be everything you want it to be. We have seen Samsung announcing the YOUM technology which helps the phone to change shapes, and a recent patent reveals that Samsung is working on two YOUM or flexible Smartphones, and this technology will be brought to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Galaxy Skin

Galaxy Skin

As we said before, Samsung Galaxy S6 is a look into the future, it will the first phone to have a flexible AMOLED panel. The whole phone will come in a 7 inch package, the display size will be boosted to 5.5 or 6.0. A 7 inch phone, you might think, it’s better to buy a tablet instead, but wait, rethink about the Galaxy Skin, it can twist and fold according to your needs.

Galaxy Skin

Galaxy Skin

That’s not the end of story, the Operating System on the Flexible display will adjust to the shape it is in. This means, if you are folding one side, the display will bend accordingly giving more room for icons and other stuff. Other features included will be, new and improved speakers, fingerprint scanning, new voice system, ability to wake up phone with voice and Android Flexi, which will become the first flexible OS and it will adjust itself according to the shape of Galaxy Skin.

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