Galaxy S6 – Thinner, Wider And Better | A Design That Will Steal Your Heart

Galaxy S6 – Thinner, Wider And Better | A Design That Will Steal Your Heart

Samsung recently launched Samsung Galaxy note3 on 4th September. Now the Samsung is preparing to  launch its new Galaxy series smartphone that is Galaxy S6. This new smartphone is expected to be released in the year 2015. There are lots of rumors in the mobile market that after the launch of this new Samsung S6, Samsung will achieve the first position in the mobile market.

Now lets start with the specifications and features of Galaxy s6.

galaxy s6

Galaxy S6: Should be a beauty

Samsung Galaxy S6  will be a smartphone  which will be slimmest among all the smartphones which have been launched so far. This slimmest feature in Galaxy S6 will make it different and unique from the other smartphones.

According to our sources Samsung s6 will be so much thin that it will appears that a person is holding just a “screen” not a smartphone. This new feature in the S6 will attract more and more no of customers towards the Galaxy S6.

Samsung S6  will have bigger and wider screen , much bigger than all the Galaxy series smartphones like- Galaxy S2, S3, S4 etc. According to  the rumors the Galaxy S6 will have a screen size of approx 5 inches. This screen will be 3D OLED (Organic LED) foldable screen,TouchWiz User Interface (16M colors) .

The new Galaxy S6 will not be rectangular in  shape unlike the other smart phones which are rectangular in shape. This new feature will be added in the Galaxy S6 just to give a different and unique concept in the new Galaxy s6.

This new feature of non- rectangular body will give a  eye caching effect, ultimately the number of buyers of S6 will probably increase.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 will steal the hearts of its customers


Not only according to our sources , Samsung Galaxy S6 will have fingerprint sensors , which will add more safety and security to the mobile system.

It won’t be wrong if we say that the Galaxy S6 will steal the hearts of its customers.

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