After going through the comparison of Samsung Galaxy S6 over and over again, one question that comes to mind is will it be able to stand in market for a long period of time. We have been observing many smartphones in past 5-6 years coming up with different technologies, sizes, weights and with little modification in shape.

But none of them has been able to continuously rule the market in every aspect. This is expected to be the biggest challenge (Galaxy S6: Will it deliver?) for Galaxy S6 if and when it comes out later in the future.


Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6


There are many factors which describe whether a phone will be successful or not we will discuss some of them and side by side tell whether S6 can deliver and be an all in one phone.

  • Processor:  Till now LG G2 has the fastest quad core processor of 2.2 GHz, so it is likely to be a close encounter between S6 and LG G2 in this field. But S6 would still be the favorite with expected Hex-core processor.
  •  Camera: As far as camera is concerned Nokia Lumia 1020 (Windows phone) is far ahead other phones at this stage. It is highly unlikely that Samsung would be opting for a camera anywhere close to it but still would like to improve upon its own to challenge other phones.
  • RAM: Samsung is currently ruling in this department with 2GB RAM for its very own Galaxy S4 and is likely to continue its winning streak with 4GB RAM for S6.
  • Storage: HTC One is clearly heading the way till now as far as internal storage is concerned with 32 GB storage (no expansion) and S6 is likely to challenge it with the same and even more storage 32/64 GB ( expansion feature available).

Currently HTC One and Samsung S4 are leading the market.

We cannot include price while discussing this because we have no idea of the extent to which these phones will shake the market. We can only do it after studying some reviews whether the phone justifies its cost or simply exceeds it.

But Samsung S6 is likely to deliver and stand tall among other smartphones with a major improvement in specifications.


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