Galaxy S6 will be a future-proof phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in the year 2015, but from now only S6 news , rumors have become the hot topic of the day. Samsung S6  has gained this popularity in the mobile market because of   previous Galaxy series smartphones .  We all know that Samsung have sold millions of  Galaxy S4 phones and  this time  Samsung is expecting to sell  Galaxy S6  units more than that of  S4 .

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Galaxy S6 will be a future-proof phone

In order to make Galaxy S6 a big hit Samsung will try to add every possible and latest feature in new S6. It won’t be wrong  if we say that Galaxy S6 will be a future-proof phone.

samsung galaxy s6

Following are the points which makes the new Galaxy S6 a future proof phone-

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 can support 4G LTE,5G networks this means this phone will be in trend at least till the year 2020 as it is predicted that 5G technology will come in market by the year 2020.
Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

  •  Samsung S6 will be based on Wireless technology , and we all know that  Wireless technology will be in trend at least for 10 years ,till the time some other  better  technology replaces the Wireless one.


  • Samsung Galaxy S6 will be filled with a powerful processor as a result of which S6 can easily compete with the future smartphones.


  • Sensors which will be added in Galaxy S6 are -Barometer, Proximity, gyro sensors, accelerometer and all these sensors are considered  as sensors of  future  use.
Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

  •  Last but no the least one is the battery of Galaxy S6, It is rumored that new S6 will have a battery of  around 4500-5000 mAh which is considered as good for competing with the future smartphones.

All these factors proves that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a future proof  smartphone as  it can  easily compete with the future smartphones which will be launched after S6.

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