Galaxy S6 On T-Mobile And Verizon – Which One Would You Buy ?

Galaxy S6 On T-Mobile And Verizon – Which One Would You Buy ?

Whenever Samsung Galaxy S6 is released, you may think of buying a Galaxy S6 on T Mobile And Verizon. There are lot of options you can choose for your next Smartphone purchase | it can be on Sprint, O2, AT&T, T Mobile And Verizon or even Vodafone. There will be lot of advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Galaxy S6 on T-Mobile And Verizon. These huge brands provide great customer-services and they can save you lot of money, as the Smartphone would be on contract. For example | If you buy Galaxy S6 at its actual price which will be around $800; however the same you can get from Verizon at around $200-250 for 2 years.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

Verizon is one of the largest mobile-network provider in US, and it will offer Samsung Galaxy S6 at very low price on the contract-basis.  In UK, you can look for Vodafone for your Galaxy SVI. OnVerizon, you may have to shell out more cash to buy Samsung S6 as compare on T-Mobile; as Verizon services are more fast and reliable in US. Samsung Galaxy SVI is expected to have a metallic body with Android Milkshake 6.0 or even a Tizen Operating System. Further, we may expect a 20MP Rear Camera and 4-7 MP front facing camera & smart eye tracking.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

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