Galaxy S6 price- A big challenge for Samsung

Galaxy S6 price-  A big challenge for Samsung?

Of course, it can prove to be so.

The latest Samsung smartphone which is being heavily rumored and speculated is the Samsung Galaxy S6,and a lot of concept images are spreading like wildfire on the internet, most of us designed by us. The hype created over the rumored Galaxy S6 is rising day by day, and thus, if and when the Galaxy S6 releases, it is bound to attract the attention of Samsung and Android loyalists alike.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be priced at approximately Rs. 55,000 INR, or equivalent to $800(approx). For Samsung Galaxy S6 price in other areas around the world, click here.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Bang For Your Buck

Samsung Galaxy S6: Will be worth the money spent

Since the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to release at around summer 2015(approx. May/June 2015), its competitors such as HTC One Max, Apple iPhone 6, Sony Xperia Togari etc. will also expectedly release during that time. Due to this, Samsung will have to set the market price of the Galaxy S6 at a competitive price point in respect to these other smartphone manufacturers, in order to beat the competition from giants like Apple and HTC.

The smartphone competition is always a heated affair, with top manufacturers competing at every aspect, ranging from design, looks,functionality, and most importantly, the price. Since the price point of a phone is a major factor which determines whether a phone can be afforded or not, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have to be competitively priced, if it is to gain a majority market of consumers. Phones like the still rumored Apple iPhone 6, and HTC One Max and others will also be priced at a similar range($750-$800 approx), and thus Samsung will have to put a fair and reasonable price tag on the Galaxy S6 so as to sell a great number of handsets, as it has been in the past with the Galaxy S2,S3 and the recent Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S6 VS iPhone 5C

Samsung Galaxy S6 VS iPhone 5C : Price battle will be critical

Time will tell if the Samsung Galaxy S6  fares well with the audience, but going by Samsung’s reputation in the mobile market, it will not be surprising if the Galaxy S6 turns out to be a grand success.

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