Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini

As smartphones get popular, certain manufacturers think of their next move, and this new tactical move comes in the form of a Mini version of their largest selling smartphone, today we have Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini. A little about the Galaxy S6 Mini, since the advent of Galaxy S2, the second line of Galaxy S series smartphones, Samsung is making mini versions. We have the S2 Mini, S3 Mini and now S4 Mini. The Mini version is different from it’s brother in two ways, the dimensions and the hardware. Galaxy S6 Mini will also tread in the same path. Speaking of which Motorola Droid Mini is the new kid in town and shares almost all the features seen on the Motorola Droid series.

Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini

Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini

Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini : Display and Interface

The Galaxy S6 is supposed to have a higher resolution display, an expected resolution of 1800p, and the Galaxy S6 Mini will have a display resolution of 1920×1080 in a 4.8 inch package with a ppi of 480, making it similar in dimension with the Galaxy S3. But for a Mini version, this is a step forward, as all the current gen Mini version disappointed us in terms of display resolution. Taking things to Motorola’s side, we can see a 1280x720p screen in a 4.3 inch package giving it a ppi of 342. No matter how you look at it, the Galaxy S6 mini beats the Motorola Droid Mini by miles. So in Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini display comparison, we have the winner, Galaxy S6 Mini.
A good display is appreciated for any smartphone, but what about the interface. If the display is good and the interface is not upto the mark, bad impressions befall on the Smartphone criticizing it. We have seen these things happen with TouchWiz UI, but TouchWiz UI will be completely revamped giving it more flexibility, although we don’t know how Samsung plans to update the current gen TouchWiz UI, we will be seeing major changes when it is announced. Running on Android’s latest version and with a completely revamped UI, we may get a surprise with new UI.  Motorola Droid Mini on the other hand has an interface equal to near perfection. It’s UI is smooth and clean, with little or less lag here and there. Android 4.2 JellyBean runs smooth on the device. With some nifty additions Motorola takes the interface to the next level. So the winner for Galaxy S6 VS Motorola Droid Mini comparison is Motorola Droid Mini.

Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini : Hardware and Camera

Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini

Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini

This is where things get really interesting. Current generation Smartphones have made people think about the quote, “Think before you leap” or in this case, “Think before you buy”. Nobody wants a slow phone or a phone which can be said as better but not good. A good phone is one which comes with a good quality camera and good enough hardware to run all the heavy applications smoothly. Well neither of these devices won’t let you down on both. Speaking on Motorola’s side, we have a new tech called X8 Computing System, which is basically, 2 cores for your computation tasks, 4 cores for the graphics and other two core for voice commands and commands that are input by the user coupled with 2GB of RAM.  Impressive but dual core is not that surprising considering the fact that we have 4 core processors, with additional 2 or 4 core for graphics. But Motorola has done is quite impressive and I personally appreciate, it performs upto its mark.

People get surprised, when Samsung brings up a new chip. Exynos 5 Octa is a great example, an octa core monster which blow all competition out of water. Well that goes to say that Galaxy S6 mini will bring a surprise as well with two variants,a Qualcomm Snapdragon bearing a 600 or 800 chipset and an Exynos chipset with the mid-range Cortex A12 in a quad core variant or the an Octa Core variant and both versions will comes with 2GB of RAM. Either way it will be much powerful than the Motorola Droid Mini, offering better performance in a mini package. In the hardware section of Galaxy S6 Mini vs Motorola Droid Mini, we have Galaxy S6 Mini as the winner.

Camera, considered to a beautiful piece of art in any Smartphone, good hardware and a good camera is a match. Lumia 1020 is the current leader in this aspect. Motorola Droid Mini comes with 10 Megapixel camera, which is good enough to capture those picture perfect moments. But what about Galaxy S6 Mini, it will come with a 12 or 16 Megapixel camera with 4K capabilities making it ideal to capture you memories. With a large sensor, that Samsung is currently developing, the Galaxy S6 Mini will be an ideal choice. So in the Camera section of Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini, Galaxy S6 Mini is the winner.

Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini : Battery and Conclusion

Without much of a delay, if Samsung doesn’t come with a good battery for the Galaxy S6 Mini, the Motorola Droid Mini is the winner in this section. The Galaxy S6 Mini is to come with a 2400mAH batery, and Motorola Droid Mini comes with 2000mAH battery which is not that much compared to the S6 Mini. But taking into account the power of both devices, the Droid Mini can easily beat the S6 Mini. We can’t assure you this unless we give both a try. So we have a tie in the Galaxy S6 Mini VS Droid Mini battery section.

Although these are the basics facts to decide on a phone, we can still say that both are very good phones performing to it’s maximum without any clutter. Motorola Droid Mini comes with 4G LTE out of the box whereas the Galaxy S6 Mini has a Qualcomm variant to fill in the gap. And that concludes, Galaxy S6 Mini VS Motorola Droid Mini.

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