Samsung Galaxy S6 Futuristic review

Samsung Galaxy S6 Futuristic review

The mobile market is getting flooded with new and stylish smartphones. To keep itself in the competition of smartphones ,Samsung recently launched Galaxy note 3 on 3rd September this month. We all know that Samsung is on 2nd position in the mobile industry . It is continuously working hard to get the Apple’s position(1st position).

If we look in a logical manner then Galaxy S5 should be launched first, but according to artist designers , Samsung will miss the 5th generation of Galaxy series smartphones and will directly launch Galaxy S6.

It is predicted that Galaxy S6 will be launched in the year 2015.As predicting two years into future is always a difficult task , but still we would like to give a brief description on the futuristic review on the Galaxy S6.

There are lots of rumors in the mobile market that Galaxy SVI will have metal body,specially the aluminium metal. But using of metal body will increase the cost of the smartphone so in order to keep the Galaxy SVI in the budget of its customers Samsung is going to use unicode plastic body.

By plastic body we don’t mean that Samsung is going to use the cheap plastic material for its Galaxy S6. This plastic body will have a nano-coating which is called as hyperskin. This nano-coating concept is new in the market and Samsung will be the first smartphone  maker to use this concept.

galaxy s6

galaxy s6


You all must be thinking what will be the benefits of using a  nano-coating in a smartphone.? Now here is the answer to your question.

A nano-coating is completely invisible to the human eyes and it is undetectable to the touch.Using of nano-coating on a  smartphone  makes it  completely  waterproof. It is not like the bulky waterproof cases, a nano-coating is 1000x times thinner than  human hair, which all means that it is impossible to notice it on your device. Now you don’t have to fear if your phone accidentally get dropped into the toilet or drink get spilled over it.

At first glance only the phone appears to be stylish, Its will be a sleek phone, thinnest from all other smartphones. It will be given a non-rectangular body which make it different from all its predecessors.

It will be having 6.0 inch display with 3D OLED (Organic LED) foldable screen, TouchWiz User Interface .The screen will be water and dust resistant proof. It will be having dimensions as 152.4 x 70.1 x 6.9 mm  and  will weighs around 160-170 grams.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6


It will be quite easy and comfortable to hold this new smartphone, this all ,means that this new Galaxy S6 will be quite  handy. It won’t give you the tablet look which are mostly considers as not so handy as they are difficult to hold them specially when you are making/picking a call.

Samsung SVI will be flooded with different kinds of sensors like- Barometer, Proximity, gyro sensors,, fingerprint sensor. All these sensors will add a class in the new S6. Especially the fingerprint sensor will add more safety and security while making money transactions.

As suggested Galaxy S6 will have 17 megapixel rear side camera with autofocus and LED this all means that there is no need to carry a extra camera while you are on an outing, especially for the photographers. It will also  have  a  4 MP front facing camera & smart-eye tracking.

This new SVI will have Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie  or Samsung’s Tizen  Operating System . Having the latest OS will make this new phone more faster then its predecessors.

 All the above reviews are based on the rumored  specifications/ features   given on the internet as there is no official announcement from the Samsung about Galaxy S6, so we have to wait till the year 2015 for the Galaxy S6 to be launched.

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