Galaxy S6 Countdown: An Agonizing Wait

Galaxy S6 Countdown: An Agonizing Wait

After going through the specifications you will realise how painful this wait of 2 years can be before S6 is released.

Most of us have experienced or seen a smartphone which has some exceptional features but such phones at the same time have been compromising with other specs. For Example some phones might have a good camera and processor but lagging in terms of internal storage. Some may have good camera, storage and display but an average processor might have killed their market.





But for the first time you will be offered an all in one smartphone, having improved camera, fast processor, High RAM, full HD OLED display etc. sed (Latin word for but) unfortunately it will take a little more than year and a half to be a reality. Now imagine who wouldn’t like to grab such a handset at the earliest. Some crazy smartphone lovers won’t even wait for it to be available at Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and may pre-order it.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

It is just like telling a child with some sweets to wait for a basket full of chocolates that too for 2 years. You can yourself imagine what sort of wait it will be, to get a first ever power packed phone.

Stay tuned for much more updates…

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