Samsung Galaxy S6 aesthetics: How it should look

 Samsung Galaxy S6 aesthetics: How it should look

After the huge success  of Galaxy S4 , Samsung is all set to launch its next Galaxy series phone that is Samsung Galaxy S6. As there are lots of flaws and problems in S4 , so the users want that S6 should be perfect in every sense. Though making of a perfect smartphone is not possible but still Samsung will try to make it perfect as much as possible.

In this article we will give you the  of the aesthetics of Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • Dimensions- Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a  dimension of 152.4 x 70.1 x 6.9 mm. It will be the thinnest smartphones among all the smartphones which have launched or which are yet to be launched.
Samsung S6

Samsung S6

  • Aluminium body-Samsung used the plastic body in all the predecessors of S6, but this time Samsung will use the aluminium body in the new S6. Not only this Samsung will use a protected nano  coating which is called as  ‘Hyperskin’  in Galaxy S6


  • Screen- Samsung S6 will have  a  4.5 inch  3D OLED (Organic LED) foldable screen. This organic technology is new to the market and S6 will be the first phone on which this technology will be used by Samsung.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Android

Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Non rectangular body- Samsung have used rectangular body in all its galaxy series phones  launched yet. But this time Samsung is trying make some experiments on the shape of the new S6. This time Samsung will use a non rectangular body for its S6. This new thing will be used by Samsung in order to make phone more stylish and trendy.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Body

Samsung Galaxy S6 Body

  • No charging/audio jack port- Samsung will not use the charging and audio jack ports in new Galaxy S6 as till the time the phone will be launched every thing will be wireless.


  • Camera- Samsung galaxy S6 will have 17 megapixel rear side camera  and  4 MP front facing camera .

All these looks have shown that Samsung will make a blast after the launch of S6, But we have to wait till the year 2015 for the new S6 launched.

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