Galaxy S6: A Super Smartphone

Galaxy S6: A Super Smartphone !

Just close your eyes & imagine what will you call a Smartphone that is smarter than other Smartphones ? A Smarterphone ? Nope ! A Brainyphone ? Nope ! It’s Super Smartphone ! First of all let us see what’s the main difference between a Smartphone & a Super Smartphone ?

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Super Smartphone

Super Smartphone are Android Smartphones ?

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Super Smartphones are Android Smartphones !

According to the Android-partner Samsung, a Super-Smartphone has a 3G or 4G network, social-networking apps, atleast 1 GHz processor, really nice-cameras, 3D graphics-acceleration, at least 720p High Definition video-capture, motion-sensors & high-quality 3D gaming.

iPhones are not Super Smartphones !

Yes ! According to Samsung’s Omar Khan ” Superphones have atleast a 4 inch-screen & proper-multitasking that does not even stop applications when you leave them. Shocked ! – So, according to this definition, the iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S aren’t Superphones !

Galaxy S6 will be a Super Smartphone !

Yes you all heard it right ! Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a Super Smartphone. Galaxy S6 is expected to have everything a Super Smartphone should have. Some of the futuristic features we can look in Galaxy SVI are :

  • Samsung SVI is rumored to have a fingerprint sensor feature. Also, one should not forget that Fingerprint feature have not been employed in any of the smartphone available in the market.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to have futuristic features such as a 3D OLED full HD screen , waterproof body among other speculated features.
  • A 3500-5000 mAh battery Power can be used to  enhance the battery life of S6 and to support the camera too.
  • According to the rumors, Korean company is expected to install a 4 GB RAM module or even more in this upcoming flagship-smartphone.
  • Another additional feature would be Galaxy S6 ability to control any number of Wi-Fi enabled-printers.
  • A new addition will be the taking photos by blinking your eyes. This uses the front facing camera to track your eye movement and initiate the shutter button upon blinking.

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S6 Concept

S6 Concept

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