Samsung Galaxy S5 release date in 2014 | S6 Date Compared

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date Latest update

Mobile phone giant Samsung has enthralled audiences worldwide with the super successful Galaxy S4, which is presently one of the coolest phones in the market today. Naturally, android lovers have high expectations from its future flagship devices, ie the
Galaxy S5 and S6.  although no word of confirmation has been provided by the company on either of the two phones, it is natural to expect these phones especially after the Galaxy S4 has created waves worldwide.

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 release date

The Samsung Galaxy S5 can be expected to hit markets worldwide by February or March 2014. Yes, that’s right, you could easily expect Samsung to provide a similar release date for the S5 pretty soon. This estimate has been made based on previous release dates of earlier Samsung flagship smartphones, which indicate the same.

For some android and Samsung phone fanatics, the wait till March 2014 might be too long, while some may have the patience to wait for it. We don’t blame either section, because the hype behind the Galaxy S5 is so high, that makes it a very desirable phone.

Contrasting this to the release date of the Galaxy S6, the wit for the S5 doesn’t seem too long- the expected release date for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is sometime around summer 2015, ie approximately a year after the S5 release. The hype behind the S6 too is staggering, judging by the response to our website.

Samsung Galaxy S6 VS Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S6 VS Samsung Galaxy S5

Though the Galaxy S5 will release before the S6, it will be a tough choice for users, which to buy- S5, S6 or both. But one thing is for certain, both these phones will be great phones, and are eagerly awaited by phone fanatics round the globe.


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