FM Radio in Samsung Galaxy S6?

FM Radio in Galaxy S6?

Though it may seem a bit odd, lack of an FM radio in the  latest Samsung smartphone , the Galaxy S4, has been quite a turn-off for many users of this handset. Although this is expected to change with the launch of the next rumored smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 or SVI.

The rumored and speculated Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to pack in an FM radio feature, along with a series of other revolutionary features(click here for features of Galaxy S6).

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FM radio in Galaxy S6: Is it too much to ask?

Most Galaxy S4 users were in for a surprise when they couldn’t locate the FM radio feature in the premium-segment smartphone. People will naturally expect that in such a highly priced handset an FM feature should obviously be there. But this was not the case with the Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s official reason for not including the basic radio feature was that there was a shift of interest to digital broadcasting,such as on social networks. But seeing that the users miss the feature in the Galaxy S4, Samsung may retract its decision, and eventually include an FM radio in Galaxy S6, the next rumored Samsung venture. Also, our statement is supported in the fact that the subsequently released Galaxy S4 mini actually included an FM radio feature, which could be repeated in the Galaxy S6.

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Galaxy S6 should include a fully functional FM radio feature

This time round,with the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung will probably take into account the fact that not all smartphone users like to listen to songs stored in their phones, but may also sometimes like a little change by listening to the FM radio once in a while.

Even if Samsung doesn’t include the basic FM feature in the Galaxy S6, users have several Android FM radio apps, which they may download from the Google Play Store, but will incur data charges. But we hope that the Galaxy S6 will include the basic FM radio feature.

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