Flaws in Galaxy S4 Which Samsung Will Cover in Galaxy S6

Flaws in Galaxy S4 which Samsung will cover in Galaxy S6

Samsung announced about Galaxy S4 on 14 March 2013 in New York and the phone was available in market from last week of April 2013. It is a smartphone with 5 inch(130 mm) 1080p display screen. It has two major variants , one featuring  quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, while the other featuring Samsung Exynos 5 Octa.

With in few days of  its launch it became the fastest selling-smartphone in the history of Samsung. Samsung was able to sold 20 million units world wide with in 2 months of its launch.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

After  using  Galaxy S4, the users reported many flaws and problems in S4 which we think Samsung will try to cover in its Galaxy next generation smartphone that is Samsung Galaxy S6.

Some of the Flaws in Galaxy S4 which Samsung will cover in Galaxy S6 are listed below-

  • Plastic body- Samsung S4 have a plastic body like its predecessors which is not considered as good for safety purpose . Not only this  using of plastic body doesn’t gives a high-end feel for a phone.So  rumors are there that Samsung will  use metal body(specially Aluminium metal as it is lighter) for the Galaxy s6 smartphone. Though using of metal in a phone will increase its cost but ultimately it it will provide more safety than the plastic one.


  • Wifi connection problem- If you are using a D-link router then you may experience WiFi issues . This has been publicly admitted by the Samsung that S4 faces some connecting problems with the some models of D-link router.  Samsung will try to cover the Wifi issues in the Galaxy S6 which will be launched in year 2015.


samsung galaxy s6

samsung galaxy s6

  • Battery drainage problem-As S4 is a Android phone with lots of apps as a result of which it is a complain from its users that the battery of S4 drain out very quickly. In order to remove this flaw from the phone Samsung will provide a much more powerful battery in S6 , this means they will replace the c(currently used in S4) with  4000 mAh Li-Ion in Galaxy S6.


  • Problems in Display- The Screen of the S4 goes bluish when ever the phone is tilted.The screen blur out with fast-motion. Samsung will try to remove all this display flaws in the upcoming Galaxy S6.


  • Heating- issues- The Samsung Galaxy S4 heats up alot during the the game-playback  & browsing, mainly around the camera-area. Samsung will try to minimize this flaw in Galaxy S6 as it gives a bad impression about the manufacturer over its users.


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Supply issues- After the launch of  S4 , Samsung has to face the shortage of S4 units as Samsung got  overwhelming  world wide demand for Galaxy S4 as a result of which many customers have to wait for 1-2 weeks to get their phone. This time Samsung will bring out the pre order feature in order to handle the growing demands of the Galaxy S6. For more info click on Preorder.


  • There are lots of other shot comings of S4 which Samsung will try to cover in Galaxy S6-
  1. Bloatware eats the internal-memory
  2. Slower camera
  3. Random restarts

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