Extend The Battery Life Of Your Galaxy S6 With These Tips

Samsung Galaxy S6 being a powerful phone will have some issues of it’s own. The major issue being the battery, 5000mAh should suffice for a normal usage, and the device will last nearly 28 hours. But on heavy usage, things will be different, switch on the features added with the TouchWiz like Air Gestures and all, play some games, play multimedia content, go online, check mails and do some bench marking while you are at it and the device will last for 16 hours and without any bench marking, it will last a full day. In both cases, the battery is not performing up to its expectation. So what can we do about it. Well we have some tips that you can follow and rest assure that your phone won’t die in between a call.

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

Tips on saving power on your Galaxy S6:

  1. Brightness, a major factor which can drain your battery in a matter of hours. SUPERAMOLED displays tend to use less battery saving power, and LCD panels do the opposite. With a high resolution like on Galaxy S6, you should switch off Automatic Brightness and adjust the brightness according to your need. Indoors, 12 to 20% brightness will be sufficient and in Sunlight 40 to 60% should suffice.
  2. Switch off features that you don’t use. Galaxy S6 is going to come with app and features and most of them may not be used by you, switch off them and you can use your device for long times.
  3. Clear RAM, by doing so some apps running in background are closed, saving power on your device.
  4. Download apps from Google Playstore . Lots of apps are available like, Easy Battery Saver, Advanced Task Killer etc… This may help a little to save power.
  5. Use power saving mode when you have less things to do. Power Saving mode can make your device laggy on heavy usage.

These tips would assure that your Galaxy S6 will last a full long day or two without powering off.

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