Environment friendly Samsung Galaxy S6

Environment Friendly Samsung Galaxy S6

Well the much expected Samsung Galaxy S6  which may make its way to the markets by 2015 is supposed to be an eco-friendly phone as to be believed by the rumors .

Samsung might be bringing a very good transformation to the Galaxy S6 from the plastic body to the aluminum body which is degradable. Samsung in the past has made sure that their phones are recyclable. Following the leads of Nokia they made sure that the part of some phones can be reused in another. The previous eco friendly phones by Samsung ace, Samsung galaxy W to site a few examples .

galaxy s6

galaxy s6

As per rumors Samsung will make sure that the radiation level’s in the Galaxy S6 would be as minimum as possible so that no harm to the human is done drastically.

As we see the future we may see the slightest possibility of the Samsung Phone having an environment friendly battery. This means the phones will not only be user friendly but it will also be Eco Friendly as well . Well if Samsung Phones starts using eco friendly battery it would kick start a trend for eco friendly battery . Here by eco friendly battery we mean that less ok harmful toxin chemicals can be used so that they don’t damage the environment badly .

The battery cannot be isolated form the chemical completely as reactions are needed to make a battery work and give power where the energy is dissipated. But with some tweaks here and there, Samsung will make sure that the Galaxy S6 will have a recyclable battery as well.




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