Edge To Edge Display For New Galaxy S6

Edge To Edge Display For New Galaxy S6

As per our design specification we had described how Samsung Galaxy S6 would look like ,but we missed to describe the details about the screen. This phone is about to bring about revolution in world and here we are going to answer why?

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Well it is clear from the picture that there is something different in this phone just by looking at it. The screen tells you the whole story itself. What we have predicted  that the screen will be extended almost near to the edge leaving no or very little space . With this the viewing angle would increase manifold plus the screen size increase keeping the base length same and most importantly making it amazing,

No phone till now has ever introduced this feature but  with this phone it’s a possibility . This design has been criticized a lot. Well criticism is also a part when people create new stuff ,so the criticism was accepted gracefully by us . Believing the fact that it is  Samsung product where they think what’s next ,well we are anticipating that this might be next.

As we know a coin has two size , so as this feature. The pro’s would be larger screen, wider viewing angle, same base size ,only the screen size increase and most importantly give the phone a new look. Except this there is one more advantage to this ,that is video experience and style. This phone will not only show your status but you can also flaunt it infront of other showing the sleek and new design.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini

Cons on the other side as said by others would be holding problem and this phone would miserable fail in the drop test .Samsung Galaxy S6 mini on the contrary is expected to have the same edge to edge scree.

So keep waiting till the phone actually launches.

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