Dual OS Support On Samsung Galaxy S6?(Firefox+Android)

Dual OS support on Galaxy S6, well it’s a possibility. Samsung is famous for thinking out of the box, this includes the recently released ATIV Q, which is based on dual boot technology. This tab runs, Windows 8 and Android not at the same time. Dual OS support on Galaxy S6 will be based on Android which is the current leading OS and an evolving Firefox OS. Firefox is an interactive OS providing to the user a simple and easy to navigate UI. Android on the other hand is a different, it’s simple enough and provides almost every features that you can think of. The Galaxy S6 will be running both of them in stock modes without any customization and TouchWiz bloatwares. But Samsung will include some features, like the voice technology, S Voice and Fingerprint scanning.

dual os support on galaxy s6

dual os support on galaxy s6

Some Features of the Firefox OS are;

  • Adaptive Search
  • Facebook and Twitter integration with regular updates and contact sync.
  • Photo editor, with lots of filters to choose from and lots of customization.
  • Maps with offline navigation support.
  • A different application store with lots of apps to choose from.

The Galaxy S6 will come with lost of features, the eye catching feature will be the Dual Boot and Fingerprint scanning.

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