Dual battery in Galaxy S6- What do you say?

Dual battery in Galaxy S6, is it a little too much to ask. Considering the fact that phones nowadays have a lot of muscle power, a single battery won’t even last full day, dual batteries would be a big help, but the disadvantages it brings competes with it’s advantages. For a powerful phone like S6, dual battery might be a must but there are some disadvantages to this. Dual battery in S6 will compromise it’s ability to be slimmer, the phone is supposed to be 6.9mm thin, upon adding dual battery in Galaxy S6, that slimness will be lost for good.


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Dual battery in Galaxy S6

Dual battery in Galaxy S6

One more thing is that, the device will be light at 112grams, by adding dual battery in Galaxy S6, more room will be needed to accommodate that new battery and this will make the device heavy. The supposed 112grams Galaxy S6 will win a heavy weight championship in smartphone category. Overall dual battery in Galaxy S6 will be a very good revolution and will be new to the smartphone industry and will bring with the above said advantages and disadvantages. Let us note down some of the advantages and disadvantages :

Dual Battery In Galaxy S6 :

Advantages :

  • Will make your phone last 2 days full minimum.
  • Will power all your tasks with ease.
  • New doors will open for overclocking, currently overclocking drains the battery in a matter of hours, dual battery will provide a bit of power allowing for good overclock.


  • The dual battery will add more heft to the device compromising it’s slimness and weight.

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