Concept Design and Rumoured Features of Samsung Galaxy S6

The concept design of Samsung S5 features it as bigger size smartphone (when compared with Samsung S4) with an aluminium body. Galaxy S5 is the flagship smartphone of Samsung in the year 2014, therefore Galaxy S6, the future phone in the Galaxy series which is probably going to be released in 2015 will definitely going to come with enhanced features and specifications. The designers are expecting Samsung S6 to come with bigger screen size and better chassis.

Galaxy S6

Rumour has it that the developers at Samsung are working on providing 20 megapixel camera in their future phones. We are very hopeful that by 2015 this technology will be ready to get integrated in Samsung S6. Presently, a Nokia smartphone has a 41 megapixel camera so we hope that it would not be much of a challenge for the pro developers at Samsung to include this feature.

Limited battery life has always been a problem with smartphones of all brands. But in Galaxy S6 developers will try to address this issue by two means. First and the most obvious one is by providing the phone with a more powerful battery thus ensuring a longer life span. Secondly, integrating the phone with wireless charging option so that it can be charged anywhere without any hassle.

The tech geeks are imagining futuristic smartphones to come with either flexible or curved display. Samsung being a key player in the global smartphone market incorporates the latest features in their phone and always follows the trend. Since the concept design of Samsung S5 does not bring forth any such features, we can definitely expect S6 to come with curved or flexible display.

These are some of the feature that we are expecting in Galaxy S6, however we are quite sure that in the course of time we will get to know about much more advanced specifications that will be present in S6.

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