Beats or JBL-like audio in Galaxy S6?

Beats or JBL-like audio in Galaxy S6?

Recently Nokia launched it Lumia 925 having JBL speakers and HTC has been following trend from past year or so of having BEATS  Audio ,so what do we expect  Samsung to do with its audio system . Well Samsung being the leader in the Smartphone industry should try to take a risk of introducing quality speakers .Since this will add to the cost of the phone but it’s worth an effort.

If Samsung brings in some quality speakers with their Galaxy Series will would please the customers by increasing the clarity and audibility. Since Samsung Galaxy S6 is a futuristic model and what we have suggested that it will also be waterproof, this additional feature would make it more interesting .Since mobile manufacturers like Micromax had added Yamaha speakers in their phones for a better music experience , why can’t Samsung do it.




Beats, JBL, Yamaha, Creatice, Bose are some best brands that if incorporated with the Samsung Galaxy S6 would make music lover to buy it more instantaneously and would even blow their minds out.  It’s nearly impossible to say that Samsung would ever do this by lowering its flagship but its future ,you can’t say anything.

Even though its not enough to say that only and  quality audio system would enhance the phones market ,it also depends on other specification also and as well as the cost associated with it.

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