Apple iPhone 5C And iPhone 5S Everything You Want To Know | S6 Compared

 Apple iphone 5C And iphone 5S

Apple is now going to launch its new iPhones- that is iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in the Indian market by the end of this month. Now rather than doing any weekly roll-outs in the new countries , this time Apple is now preparing to launch the new iPhone’s in the second wave countries.

25th of October is the date which we are considering as the launch date. This all means that the phones will be launched before Diwali.

Now we will tell you about the hardware description of both the phones

iPhone 5S:  Software &  hardware specifications

In the new iPhone 5S  same dual-core processor will be used,an upgraded form of  quad core SGX5 ,44MP4 GPU,2 GB of Ram will be used.It will have a IGZO screen, this screen is used to increase the brightness or to decrease the power-consumption of the phone.It will have a 12 MP camera with Dual- led flash. It appers that it will have a champagne(light-gold) & graphite variant of iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S

If we look at the new features, this new iphone 5s will have NFC and a fingerprint reader. This new NFC feature is not at all new in the mobile market as it is already been used by many Android smartphone makers. But if we look at the finger Print sensors or reader is new in the market and it is rumored that Apple will be the first smartphone maker to use this concept for enhancing the safety and security of the iPhone. According to a recent rumor , Apple will use a sapphire-glass Home button with this fingerprint reader. This sappire glass is a very  durable and long long lasting.

Another option is that Apple may embed this fingerprint sensor technology in the display itself. If we look at the software portion iPhone 5S will run on iOS 7.

iPhone 5C: Software & Hardware  specifications

iPhone 5C will have a slightly curvier body, This letter “C” in iPhone 5C stands for” Color”, but it is rumored that this iPhone 5C will be quite cheaper because Apple has relied to cut down the prices of older iPhone to attract the middle range customers.  Apple has been losing to Samsung and the other smartphones makers that’s why this this time Apple has decided to give discounts to the  customers by exchanging their old “smartphones” .



If we look  at the different colors of iPhone 5C  then we see that iPhone 5C will have come in 6-shades  that is- green, red, blue , yellow ,white and the 6th one is black.

Coming back to the specifications iPhone 5C will have  a dual core CPU, tri core GPU and a 8-MP camera. If look at the software then iPhone 5C will run on iOS 7.  It is rumored that iPhone 5C will too have the fingerprint scanners and sensors

With all this new features and specifications Apple try its level best to save its 1 st position in the mobile market.

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