Android Milkshake 6.0 in Samsung Galaxy S6 ?

Android Milkshake 6.0 in Samsung Galaxy S6 ? This could very much be true.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored to run on the futuristic Android 6.0,  codenamed Milkshake(another speculation). The recent trends suggest that the Android Jellybean OS has been widely appreciated by Samsung Galaxy S4 users, and in the not so distant future, the Samsung Galaxy S6 could operate on a much more efficient  Android version 6.0 Milkshake. Since the S6 is going to be(predictably) a very powerful device with multiple mind-boggling features, thus it needs an equally snappy OS to run it, and we guess the Android 6.0 Milkshake could be the one for the job.

Some of the rumors and speculations surrounding the Android Milkshake 6.0 in Samsung Galaxy S6
are as follows:

Android Milkshake 6.0 in Samsung Galaxy S6 (rumored features) :


1.   Enhanced, Customizable UI:

Traditional Android OS’s are quite customizable, and the Milkshake OS should not be an exception. On top of that, the Android 6.0 Milkshake is expected to become even more personal to the Samsung Galaxy S6 user, which may include tools for creating custom icons, practically unlimited home screens etc., though all of this is still rumored.

The rumored Android 6.0 is supposedly called Milkshake, which may run the Galaxy S6.

The rumored Android 6.0 is supposedly called Milkshake, which may run the Galaxy S6.

2. Tighter integration with Galaxy S6:

Battery life issues may become a thing of the past with the Milkshake OS , which is speculated to provide a more cohesive integration with the Galaxy S6 hardware, and therefore, result in better overall performance.


3. Quicker bootup time:

We know that booting up your Android device can take quite long, which can be frustrating at times. For this purpose, the Android 6 Milkshake is speculated to optimize the startup time of your Galaxy S6 handset.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Processor

Samsung has been quite successful with Android handsets.


4.  Improved multi-threading capabilities :

Multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy S6 should be buttery smooth, provided it should run on Android 6.0 Milkshake, which is speculated to have better memory and thread management features.

All in all, the Android 6 Milkshake OS running the Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be a mouth watering prospect for Samsung and Android enthusiasts.

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