5 New Technologies Coming Up In Galaxy S6

5 New Technologies Coming Up In Galaxy S6

Many technologies have come & gone, but none will be able to touch the caliber of Galaxy S6. Just to inform the readers, we have collected special information about the 5 new technologies that will make their way in Samsung S6.

1. 5G Technology

Rumors are flooded with Samsung Galaxy S6 will be compatible with 5G technology by the end of 2014  and it wont be harm in saying that it might use the 5th Generation technology. 5G technology will ensure faster internet speed and better audio clarity.

5 New Technologies Coming Up In Galaxy S6

5 New Technologies Coming Up In Galaxy S6


 2. Infrared Sensors

Samsung S6 is expected to be the first device that will come up with an infrared sensors for testing the human body temperature with the high rate of accuracy. This unique feature is eagerly awaited for a long time & finally Galaxy S6 will witness the infrared-sensors.

3. Waterproof Technology

The latest rumors in the mobile market suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a waterproof body and it is expected up to 15 meters in water. The Korean company is expected to shock its many fans across the world with this unique feature. Don’t forget, it may also come up with shockproof body!

4. Android 6.0

Galaxy S6 is expected to come with the Android 6.0 Milkshake. Yes, this may true because after the Android 5.0, 6.0 will be the next Android version.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

5. Gigapixel Camera

Though a longshot, there is a distant possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may sport a never-before-implemented Gigapixel camera with advanced optics(OIS) and it also render other phone displays obsolete with its full HD 1920×1200 Plasma screen.


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