5 Key Features To Expect In Galaxy S6

Samsung is going to release the Galaxy S6 with a fast processor and lot of features. As with Samsung we can expect a lot of features, the Galaxy S4 for example. It’s the first phone in the Smartphone industry to have eye tracking and air gestures. These features are not yet polished and have errors in them, but we can expect error free features and some new features in the Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

The first feature to expect from the Galaxy S6 will be fingerprint scanning, this will be a look into the future and such a technology will provide security to smartphones as well. According to the reports, Samsung is having problems with this technology and we can expect it soon enough. The next feature will be the ability to control the phone with voice input. The user doesn’t need to touch the phone for unlocking, by simply speaking a command, the user can unlock the phone, write messages, send mails and many other stuff. One more feature to expect is initiating the shutter button by using your eyes. Simply blink your eyes to initiate the shutter and take a picture. The new and improved air gestures will keep up with user.

The current smartphones connect to a printer of the same company, this is good, but what if you have a different printer? Galaxy S6 will take care of it for you. With Galaxy S6, you can now connect to any Wi-Fi enabled printers and print documents on the go.

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